Who We Are?

"Moving well with confidence, regardless of the activity, enables you to fully participate"


Our aim at Gym Russell is to better prepare you physically for your chosen activity. This could be a sports based goal, a recreational challenge or being able to move well so you can participate more in daily activities. We are there with you, ensuring correct technique and assisting you in maximising your results every session.

Each person is unique, so our programming is tailored to your needs. This will assist you in achieving your goals. The reason I use the word assist is that training is a partnership. We can bring the program, the knowledge, the encouragement. You need to bring the work ethic, discipline and enthusiasm. When we both throw in a dash of humour, the journey towards your goal will be an enjoyable experience.




JOHN, CrossFit Level 1 Trainer 2016

My Training Philosophy

“Finding exercise you enjoy is wise. Making exercise part of your daily life is wisdom.”

  • John
    John has led an active life from his teenage years. PE at school was always a favourite subject and the practical outworking of this was making the reserve spot for the school Cross country team. Outdoor pursuits are always an interest. John has completed the bike ride from Wellington to Auckland, completed a marathon in 1998 (a number of half marathons since) and competed in the Kaweka Challenge in 2008, 2009. John enjoys sharing the benefits of physical activities with others and has help lead youth groups on tramps to the Pinnacles, the Tongariro crossing and around Lake Waikaramoana. John believes in testing your physical limits and trying new movements that challenge you. John has worked as a Fitness Instructor at Les Mills, Unitec Sports Centre and is currently taking classes at ETM Crossfit. John believes you should never be bored with your exercise.


    CrossFit Level 1 Trainer.2016
    CrossFit Olympic Lifter Certification
    NZIHF Personal Training Certificate Level 4 -2015
    NZIHF Fitness (Exercise Consultant) Level 3 – 2009
    Network Fitness Instructor 2002
    NZCD (Arch) 1991