Session types

Session Types

Gym Russell is a personal training studio. We train groups of up 1-4 people. This means you receive the instruction and focus you deserve each session.

We do our best to work in with your timetable so you can train when it is convenient for you.


Spin Classes

There is a Spin class on a Monday night @ 6.15pm. This is a class where we can accommodate 6 people. Spin is a great low impact, high intensity class that improves cardiovascular fitness fast. The Spin session is tough, but only as tough as you want to make it. If you have never tried it, book a spot and give it a go.

The other types of sessions that are currently running are BoxFit, Get Fit, StrengthFit and LegFit.

BoxFit – A 30 minute session based around boxing training including pad work. Kicking can be included in this session also.

GetFit – A 30 minute circuit based session designed to work the entire body.

StrengthFit - A 30 minute session based on building strength. This is a great option for those who are over 35 and want to preserve and then improve their lean muscle mass.

LegFit - A 30 minute session based around legs. This one is tough but has great benefits. Increased hip mobility and core strength are added bonuses increasing leg strength and raising your metabolism.

Custom – A session based specifically around your needs. The length of these training sessions is based on your schedule. Never let the lack of time be a hindrance to you training. If you have only 10-15 minutes per day, we can work with that.

Offsite training – Gym Russell is available to train at your place of work or home, your equipment or ours. Call us to discuss if this option suits you.



  • Indoor Studio
  • Outdoor Gym
  • Spin Classes,Lift Weights,Olympic Lift, Gymnastic rings
  • Rope Climb,Flip Tyre,Climbing wall
  • Number of activities in grassed area

Indoor and Outdoor Gym

We have an indoor studio where we train most of our classes. This space allows us to run a spin class, lift weights, Olympic lift, use gymnastic rings. The other space we have access to is an outdoor gym. This allows us to rope climb, flip tyres, use the climbing wall and any number of activities you do in a grassed area. The value of having this space is we can train indoors or outdoors, depending on your requirements and mood for that day. Shown below is the outdoor gym.